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For Immediate Release:
October 24, 2016
Media Contact:
Kai Hill
Lidia Amoretti


In June 2016, Yessica Flores discovered she was seven weeks pregnant with her second child. By that time a family trip to her native Honduras had already been planned. Following her doctor’s advice, Flores took precautions to protect her pregnancy, including staying indoors and avoiding mosquitos.

All seemed well until August 30 when Flores, already back in Miami, had a routine appointment that included a screening Zika virus test. The test was recommended because of her travel history and because a month earlier, Wynwood, the place where she works, had been declared Miami-Dade County’s first Zika zone. Two weeks after the test, Flores, who was then 16-weeks pregnant, received the devastating news – she had been infected with the Zika virus. Her husband, Selvin Yac, was also tested and his results came back negative.

Since her diagnosis, Flores has been under the care of the Zika Response Team – a multidisciplinary group of UHealth - University of Miami Health System doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital, who have been monitoring her pregnancy with frequent ultrasounds, regular screenings, and check-ups.

Now 24-weeks pregnant, Flores is relying on her strong faith, and is receiving loving support from her husband, daughter, friends, and family. According to her medical team, the unborn baby girl’s head is developing normally; though they will continue to monitor the fetal development in utero. After she is born the Zika Response Team will then monitor the baby and do regular brain, hearing and sight tests until she’s at least three years old.

Flores, who is due on February 14, 2017, is staying positive and already has a name for her baby, Daniela Elizabeth Yac.

During a press conference, Flores and UHealth physicians will update media on her course of treatment.  


Christine Curry, M.D., Ph.D., UHealth OB/GYN, Zika expert and Co-Director of the University of Miami’s Zika Response Team
Ivan Gonzalez, M.D., UHealth Pediatric Infectious Diseases expert and Co-Director of the University of Miami ‘s Zika Response Team
Yessica Flores, Pregnant Mother Diagnosed with Zika
Selvin Yac, Lopez’s husband


During a press conference, Flores and UHealth physicians will update media on her course of treatment.  

When: October 24, 2016, 10:30 a.m.

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Ira Clark Diagnostic Treatment Center, Room 270
Miami, FL 33136

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