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Fetal Tumors

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The prenatal diagnosis of fetal tumors by ultrasound is a new aspect of fetal pathology, that has been described only in the last two decades, making possible an understanding of the antenatal natural history and pathophysiology of most commonly detected fetal tumors. The introduction of ultrasonic techniques in obstetrics has opened new horizons in prenatal detection of tumors arising in the unborn child. Fetal tumors are rare, but are associated with serious illness or even death in the fetal or neonatal period. Therefore, the prenatal diagnosis of fetal tumors has significant implications on the well-being of both mother and fetus, as well as on perinatal and neonatal outcome.
Prenatal detection of fetal tumors may alert the obstetrician not only to the fetus at risk, but also to the potential of maternal risk. For example, fetal goiter may cause obstruction of labor due to the size of the tumor and associated hyperextension of the fetal neck. Once a fetal tumor has been detected, close surveillance by a multidisciplinary team is mandatory, with anticipation and early recognition of problems during pregnancy, labor and immediate postnatal stage. In rare cases, intrauterine treatment of the affected very compromised but salvageable fetus may be contemplated.

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