The Tiniest Blessing Thrives at Jackson

Destiny Victoria Defoe

It’s a story with a happy ending – thanks, in part, to the team at Jackson North Medical Center.

Phillip Defoe, PhD, an environmental science adjunct professor at Broward College and Brown Mackie College, was expecting a child with his wife, Patrell, a special needs teacher at Miami-Dade Public Schools. They thought they had plenty of time to prepare for their little miracle, but they were surprised when their daughter was born at 33 weeks.

Destiny Victoria Defoe was delivered at Jackson North and weighed three pounds, nine ounces. She was immediately admitted into Jackson North’s Level II NICU.

As tiny as Destiny was, she was still able to breathe on her own. However, there were complications: her tiny size made it more difficult for nurses to feed her intravenously. Patrell also struggled with breastfeeding, which added some tension to the growing family’s routine.

“The nurses in the NICU provided support,” said Phillip. “They consulted a lactation specialist who provided training about how best to get breast milk flowing.”

Meanwhile, Destiny had a feeding tube put in place to ensure that she got the nutrients she needed to grow – and to go home to her parents.

The Defoe family quickly discovered how difficult it was to visit the NICU every day. They felt the strain on their schedules, but also recognized that Jackson was a good place to be during this challenging chapter of their lives.

“The nurses were considerate, and we could visit at any time, even during busy hours,” Phillip shared. “They were friendly and compassionate.”

Phillip and Patrell are busy raising baby Destiny in North Miami Beach – and they’re ready to grow their family when the time is right.

“I would tell parents to be patient and relaxed, because the nurses in the NICU are caring and provide a sense of comfort – especially for first-time parents,” Phillip added.

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