A First-Time Mother’s Journey of Healing

Monica Pimental

Monica Pimentel is happy to be a mom. It’s difficult for her to put into words just how much her four-month-old daughter means to her.

“I can’t imagine living my life without her,” she said.

Eagerly anticipating the birth of her first child, Monica, an O.R. nurse at Jackson South Community Hospital, knew the ins and outs of pregnancy prep – and she was ready for a natural delivery.

“I always wanted to go natural,” she remarked. “I had a great pregnancy, and I was healthy with no medical history. I was very excited to give birth.”

But things got complicated once she started having contractions. Monica went to a local hospital expecting to deliver her child naturally, but doctors there began pushing her to have a cesarean section.

“They just kept pressuring me and harassing me about it,” she added. “They didn’t respect my wishes and continued upsetting me.”

Monica eventually walked out of the hospital mid-contraction and decided to go to a more familiar location – Jackson South.

"I was received immediately by my colleagues. There was just a team effort, and everyone was there for me,” she recalled.

But the fight to deliver her daughter wasn’t over yet. The baby experienced meconium aspiration before delivery, and the specialists at Jackson South advised Monica that, despite her wishes for a natural birth, she needed to deliver the baby via C-section for the child’s wellbeing.

There were still a few complications following the delivery. Monica’s daughter was suffering from a partially collapsed lung, and physicians needed to airlift the baby to the largest level III NICU in Florida, The Schatzi and Stanley Kassal Project: Newborn Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Holtz Children's Hospital located on the Jackson Memorial Hospital campus.

“It’s very hard as a first-time mom to hear your baby is in intensive care, but I felt confident that my child was getting the most advanced treatment possible,” Monica said.

She was out of the hospital in just a day, and after reuniting with her baby at the NICU, she never left her side.

“I’m happy to say that my baby is 100 percent healthy today,” beamed Monica. “If you want quality care, be well taken care of, and respected, then Jackson South Community Hospital is it. I owe my life to the entire team – and from now on, I will never go anywhere else.”