A Story Of Love…and Healing

Carol and Aaron

For 16 years, Aaron and Carol Schechtman have called North Miami Beach home. Originally from Long Branch, New Jersey, the couple has been married for 38 years, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

With four kids between the two of them, and even more grandchildren and great-grandchildren to boot, Aaron and Carol couldn’t be happier.

But Father Time catches up with everyone, including the Schechtmans, who are already in their 90s. In 2009, Aaron suffered a stroke, and a few years later, Carol needed hip surgery.

Fortunately, they’d been patients at Jackson North Medical Center for nearly two decades, so they had no question about where to go.

For Carol’s surgery, doctors carefully repaired her hip by piecing the bone together with rods and screws.

“The good news is it wasn’t a full hip replacement,” joked Carol. “My hip wasn’t Swiss-cheesy, but there was a split that required some work.”

Between Carol’s hip, and Aaron’s stroke, the pair needed to undergo some extensive treatment. But Carol credits the rehab process at Jackson North for getting her and her husband back into shape … and she says it was mostly due to their Aquasize classes.

“It really helped with our balance,” said Carol. “We have a very nice group, and we call it our ‘pool family.’ You really get to know people when you’re working out in a bathing suit.”

The couple says Aquasize sped up their recovery, and they love the pool so much they continue to attend classes twice a week.

Thanks to rehab at Jackson, the Schectmans’ active lifestyle continues. In fact, the pair also attends choir practice and Torah studies, while making sure they don’t miss a single pool session.

“Aaron and I absolutely love the staff at Jackson,” said Carol.

“They attend to every need you have. Even if it’s the quality of the towels, they’ll go out and buy a new set because they take everyone’s feedback very seriously. That means a lot to us.”

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