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Jackson Health System's financial assistance policy is designed to be consistent with our mission to ensure that all residents of Miami-Dade County receive a single high standard of care regardless of their ability to pay. Anyone in need of critical or emergency health care may receive such care regardless of financial status or ability to pay.

It is the policy of the Public Health Trust and Jackson Eligibility Management to provide Financial Assessment to unfunded or uninsured patients seeking financial assistance. Unfunded patients will be interviewed for a potential funding source including federal, state, county and/or charity care. Jackson Health System (JHS) follows the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify patients for charity. Patients who are potentially eligible for charity care and reside in Miami-Dade County are required to complete an interview and sign the Jackson Charity Care and Grant Programs application.

A patient’s financial benefits and classification is determined by:

  1. Proof of county residency and Citizenship/Immigration status
  2. Proof of patient’s family unit size
  3. Proof of family unit gross income in relation to current Federal Poverty Guidelines. Charity plan code classification and patient fee responsibility is issued using a sliding fee scale based on income and current Federal Poverty Guidelines up to 300%.
  4. Additional patient provided documentation as listed in the brochure called “Financial Assistance for Medical Care”.

At Jackson, we are aware that medical costs often occur when families least expect or can afford them. If you can't make a payment or are having financial problems, a financial representative will work with you to try to help you. For assistance, or to receive a financial assessment appointment, please call our scheduling line at 305-585-6000.

Downloadable Brochures & Forms:

Financial Assistance for Medical Care
Personal Statement
Self Employment Verification
Third Party Verification Statement
HHS Notice of Free or Reduced Charges

Asistencia Financiera Para El Cuidado De Su Salud
Formulario de Declaración Personal
Declaración de Verificación de Empleo
Apoyo de un Tercero y Declaración de Verificación
HHS Notificación de Cargos Gratis o Reducido

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