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For Immediate Release:
September 01, 2016
Media Contact:
Tania Leets


Miami-Dade's first implantation of device post-FDA approval

Miami, FL – In April 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved usage of the world’s smallest pacemaker for patients with bradycardia, a condition characterized by an irregular heart rhythm, usually fewer than sixty beats per minute. This miniaturized heart device, known as the Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS), was recently implanted in a patient at Jackson South Community Hospital – the first time this device is being used in Miami-Dade County following its approval by the FDA.

Hialeah resident Felipe Finale, 78, suffered from shortness of breath and lack of energy. His heart rate measured at 20 to 30 beats per minute – much lower than the normal resting heart rate for an adult of 60 to 100 beats per minute.
“I couldn’t do anything, not even pick up 10 pounds or exercise at all,” Finale said.

Juan Pablo Zambrano, MD, director of cardiology at Jackson South, referred him to Ivan Mendoza, MD, associate medical director for the Jackson Medical Group’s cardiology practice who specializes in cardiac electrophysiology.
The best option for Finale was the newly-approved Micra TPS. The surgery was performed by Dr. Mendoza.

This Micra TPS is one-tenth the size of a traditional pacemaker – comparable to the size of a large vitamin – and it restores the heart’s normal rhythm and relieving symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath.
“This leadless pacemaker that does not require the use of wires because it is inserted in the femoral vein,” said Dr. Mendoza. “The device does not require open heart surgery or leave any scar, and the patient is usually discharged the same day.”

For Finale, it has been life-changing.

"You have to enjoy life because life is not eternal; at one point I felt like I was drowning,” said Finale.

Dr. Mendoza expects Finale to have a stable heart rhythm for more than 10 years, regardless of his age.

 “With our advanced technology, clinical excellence, and unmatched care, Jackson South is proud to be a leader in cardiac care in this community,” said Dr. Mendoza. The Micra TPS, produced by Medtronic, is the only leadless pacemaker approved for use in the United States.

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