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Ryder Trauma Center


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Hurricane Irma

Jackson Health System has resumed normal operations at a majority of its facilities.

The UHealth Jackson Urgent Care at Cutler Bay is now open
The UHealth Jackson Urgent Care center at Keystone Point is now open
The UHealth Jackson Urgent Care center at Country Walk is now open
The Jefferson Reaves remain closed due to power outages.

To reschedule an appointment, please call 305-585-6000. Updated information for UHealth Jackson Urgent Care centers is available at

The Ryder Trauma Center, in collaboration with the Lehman Center has been a  pioneer in the field of telemedicine. The Lehman Center has partnered with the US Army to research the effectiveness of telemedicine in the trauma environment.

Funded by the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC)—an organization under the US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, Maryland—the research team will conduct a 12-month clinical trial to study the usability and clinical effectiveness of the InTouch Health RP-7 robot in trauma care. Specifically, attending specialty physicians at Ryder Trauma Center will remotely support their on-site team and care of patients in Ryder’s resuscitation, trauma OR and trauma ICU as part of this research effort. It is hoped that this research will help us to better understand the feasibility of the RP-7 robot for use in trauma care on the battlefield. Telemedicine technology could virtually bring world class trauma physicians to the battlefield to support and mentor deployed military physicians who are treating injured soldiers.

Additionally, the Ryder Trauma Center and Lehman Center are working with the Florida Department of Health, Office of Trauma to develop a teletrauma network within the state of Florida.  As one of only two centers participating in this project, the goal is to ensure emergency preparedness and adequate response in the event of a disaster. The network will link trauma centers and regional hospitals to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise following a natural or man-made disaster.

Ryder Trauma Center
Breaking Down Borders


To learn more about the TeleTrauma Department at Ryder Trauma Center, click on the picture.